May 28, 2019

Ecopsychology & ecotherapy resources

Ecopsychology & ecotherapy resources. I’ve gathered a variety of ecopsychology and ecotherapy books (in no particular order) below. You can learn more about both fields here. Click on a book cover to explore. I hope you find these resources meaningful and useful!

the voice of the earth - roszak
ecopsychology: science, totems, and the technological species
ecotherapy: theory, research & practice
my name is chellis & I'm in recovery from western civilization
radical ecopsychology: psychology in the service of life
the spell of the sensuous: perception and language in a more-than-human world
world as lover, world as self macy
soulcraft: crossing in the mysteries of nature and psyche
the dream of the earth
spiritual ecology: the cry of the earth
the reenchantment of the world
nature in mind: systemic thinking and imagination in ecopsychology and mental health
with nature in mind: the ecotherapy manual for mental health professionals
becoming animal: an earthly cosmology
towards an ecopsychotherapy
ecotherapy healing with nature in mind
nature and madness - shepard
wild mind - a field guide to the human psyche - plotkin
wild therapy: undomesticating inner and outer worlds
sight and sensibility: the ecopsychology of perception
coming back to life macy brown
active hope: how to face the mess we're in without going crazy
nature and the human soul: cultivating community in a fragmented world
the great work: our way into the future
mind and nature: a necessary unity
out of the shadow: ecopsychology, story, and encounters with the land
ecotherapy in practice: a buddhist model
nature-based expressive arts therapy: integrating the expressive arts and ecotherapy
ecology, community and lifestyle
the journey of soul initiation